• Likely General, Toronto

Likely General, Toronto

A new general store opens in Toronto today, carrying products by artists and designers who hand-make in small batches. We are thrilled to be invited by the owner, Brooke Manning, to be a part of this community. It's important for us to be represented in stores that value the maker as much as the product.

Image by : Warioda

On that note, a few thoughts about shopping.  As folks who are makers we often think about the politics of what we make. Hand-making in this century underlines certain values not just about the kinds of objects we want in our lives but also about how we want to live. Being a city dweller in the twenty-first century in North America comes with a lot of subtle anxieties: all the waste we produce from all the packaging that comes with everything we consume; not knowing where something was made, by whom, and how; not knowing how far something has travelled to get to us. The frustrating reality is that often, there isn't a lot of choice of where you can shop. As we became adults, the smaller stores that used to service a neighbourhood, selling a bit of everything you need, have mostly disappeared. The good news is, in this past year we have been approached by a new generation of general stores in NYC, Toronto and Montreal about our work. This gives us the gusto to keep making, and to keep thinking about why we're making.

We send out congrats and wish the best of luck to Brooke & Likely General !
The store will be carrying our Grey/Mauve Mugs :) For more Atelier Make ceramics visit our store.

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