Maya Ersan and Jaimie Robson - Atelier Make is the creative studio of designers/makers Maya Ersan and Jaimie Robson. From porcelain tableware to intricate paper cutouts, their products bring the beauty and pleasure of fine craft into contemporary daily life. With a design aesthetic that is at once rustic and contemporary, Atelier Make’s designs appeal to a new generation of fine-craft enthusiasts. The studio prides itself on a small batch, locally handcrafted model of doing business. More


Marie Massin - Originaire du Tibet, Marie passe son enfance en Inde, son adolescence en Europe avant de s’envoler au Canada. Là, elle renoue avec la poterie qu'elle pratique depuis l'âge de 9ans. Elle joue avec les volumes, associant lignes droites aux courbes pour créer des objets agréables à utiliser et à regarder.

Originally from Tibet, Marie spent her childhood in India, her adolescence in Europe, before flying to Canada. There, she returned to pottery, which she started at 9. She plays with volume, combining straight lines with curves to create objects that are pleasant to use as well as to look at.

Julie Ann - Diplomée en Art visuel à l’université Concordia depuis 2017, elle s’est spécialisée, au cours de sa formation, dans le domaine de la céramique et de la peinture. Elle travaille en tant qu’assistante de production chez Atelier Make depuis 2014.

Julie-Ann Déry received a BFA in Fine Art at Concordia University (2017) and is specialized in Ceramic and Painting. She has been working as a production assistant at Atelier Make since 2014.

Colleen - Colleen Dwyer Meloche est une artiste Montréalaise qui travaille principalement avec la porcelaine. Sa pratique artistique varie de la céramique éclectique pour la maison à la sculpture qui incorpore l’argile, le bois, le métal et parfois, des objets recyclés. Colleen a reçu son BFA avec distinction de l’Université Concordia et a fait des stages en céramique à Montréal et dans le sud de la France. Colleen a également étudié le dessin en Italie et a exposé ses sculptures en France, aux États Unis et au Canada.

Colleen Dwyer Meloche is a Montreal based artist who works predominantly with porcelain. Her art practice ranges from eclectic ceramics for the home to sculptural constructions incorporating clay, wood, metal and at times, found objects. Colleen received her BFA with distinction from Concordia University and has participated in ceramic residencies in both Montreal and the south of France. Colleen has also studied drawing in Italy and has exhibited in France, the United States and Canada.

Rebecca - Born in Vernon B.C, Rebecca Ramsey currently resides in Montreal where she is pursuing an MFA in sculpture at Concordia. Besides sculpture, she is interested in making functional work that retains a sense of movement and process. She enjoys teaching and loves the potlucks, sense of community and support that ceramic studios attract.