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DIY KIT (Intermediate)



This Atelier Make DIY kit is for those who already have some ceramics experience and wish to work independently from home. Glazing and firing costs are included.

Here's how it works:

  • Your kit will be ready for pick up / delivery within 5-business days of placing your order.
  • Once your personal projects are complete you will drop it off at Atelier Make for firing.
  • It is important to mark your initials on each piece.
  • The Atelier Make team will fire your work and glaze it with a transparent glaze. We will contact you when your creations are ready to pick up (3-4 weeks after drop off).

What's Included in this kit:

  • 8 lbs of porcelain - enough to complete approximately 4 projects
  • A small jar of underglaze for decorating (black)
  • Bubble wrap for wrapping your pieces
  • Glazing and firing of your creations - maximum 5 pieces ($10 per additional piece). *NOTE: cracked or broken pieces will not be fired

What you need at home:

  • A personal set of clay tools
  • A wooden surface to work on (a wooden cutting board or piece of plywood works well)