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Care and Cleaning / Maintenance & Cleaning

Care and Cleaning

We pride ourselves on a small-batch, local, handcrafted model of doing business. Slight variations is form an color speak to the uniqueness of hand-made objects. Everything we make is lead-free and foodsafe. We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do!!

Caring for handmade porcelain:

  • All products are dishwasher safe, though hand washing will lengthen their lifespan.
  • Avoid sudden heat-shock / changes in temperature.
  • Remove stains on un-glazed areas by scrubbing gently with baking soda and water.
  • Ceramics that have gold luster decorations should not go into a microwave or dishwasher.

Caring for porcelain lanterns:

  • To remove wax build up, fill lantern with warm soapy water. Remove softened wax with your fingers.
  • Remove black sooty flame marks with a damp soapy cloth.
  • Remove any stains by scrubbing gently with baking soda and water.
  • Avoid using sharp objects such as knives to clean your lantern.

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