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10 years on Gilford

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10 years on Gilford

On a snowy February day in 2014 we moved to our Gilford Street studio. Prior to our move the space had been converted to an apartment, as many of the small commercial spaces along these more residential streets had been over the years. We put few ceramic pieces and the studio's name cut from vinyl in the window. Curious neighbours stopped in to welcome us to the neighbourhood, we were told that the space had been an ice cream shop at one time, and jewelry store, little by little we learned about the history of our surroundings and met many people in the neighbourhood who seemed happy about a new space where they could stop and have a chat.  The studio / store you walk into now has changed drastically over the last ten years, both inside and from the outside, yet the spirit of what we do remains the same... a bit like ourselves.


Limited edition

Feature # 5: Splatter Platters

Our classic cloud shaped serving platter, one of the very first designs we created. We also call it our instagram star as it has been used by dozens of food stylists over the years to present incredible looking recipes. For a limited celebration edition we have splattered them in our signature colors and embellished with gold detailing. Quantity: 10