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Istanbul 2012: Our 10 year chronicles

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Istanbul 2012: Our 10 year chronicles

Istanbul: In 2012 I traveled to Istanbul to meet up with Maya. Fresh out of a breakup and days after submitting my MA thesis project . What better time to jump on a plane! For two glorious weeks we meandered Istanbul’s narrow streets and steep hills, feasted on decadent sweet and savory treats, reveled in rich textural visual delights, visited art galleries, markets, mosques, and drank copious amounts of Turk ish tea. We were both at a crossroads in life - single and in between projects. We’d been sharing a studio (Aird St) for two years and were both naturally thinking about what to do next. Get a job? Go full time into ceramics?!? We had time, we had energy, and we had no one else to answer to or take care of. Hence , Atelier Make was born, over a cup of tea in an Istanbul courtyard, on the banks of the Bosporus. I look back on this moment in life as one of true serendipity ; synchronicity ; a fate of sorts. It was a rare moment in life that I feel incredibly privileged to have lived, and to have recognized for the opportunity that it was. On that afternoon in April 2012, we made the decision to go for it ! To embrace the opportunity, to take the risk, and to see what was possible. I can honestly say that I have never for moment doubted or questions this decision. It felt right. The first few years of the business were not easy - we worked long hours and earned almost nothing at first. But slowly things grew. We gave classes, we did design shows, we held studio sales. And we are not done!

Limited Edition

There is so much playfulness and experimentation that happens behind the scenes at Atelier Make ! Here is the forth in a series of limited - edition pieces from our personal studios .

Feature 4 : Piggy Banks - in Pink !

This is our upscale version of your classic kid’s piggybank. Thrown and hand sculpted from translucent coloured porcelain and decorated with a touch of gold!